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International Data & Economic Analysis (IDEA) is USAID's comprehensive source of economic and social data and analysis. IDEA brings together over 12,000 data series from over 125 sources into one location for easy access by USAID and its partners through the USAID public website. The data are broken down by countries, years and the following sectors: Economy, Country Ratings and Rankings, Trade, Development Assistance, Education, Health, Population, and Natural Resources.

IDEA regularly updates the database as new data become available. Examples of IDEA sources include the Demographic and Health Surveys, STATcompiler; UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Food Price Index; IMF, Direction of Trade Statistics; Millennium Challenge Corporation; and World Bank, World Development Indicators. Check our sources list to see the continually growing catalog of data available at your desktop.

IDEA was created to provide a central source of economic and social development data across countries and regions pertinent to USAID and development partners. If you have suggestions or requests regarding content or presentation of data on this site, please contact us.

About the Economic Analysis and Data Services

USAID IDEA is maintained by USAID's Economic Analysis and Data Services (EADS), an activity supported by the Knowledge Management Division in the Bureau for Management's Chief Information Office (USAID/M/CIO/KM). EADS delivers technical and professional support services to facilitate USAID's understanding, access, and quantitative analysis of development data and information. To achieve the dual tasks of economic analysis and data services, EADS is responsible for managing four major databases and websites: IDEA, Trade Capacity Building (TCB), Microenterprise Results Reporting (MRR), and Foreign Aid Explorer (FAE).

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For questions please contact USAID's International Data & Economic Analysis at

You might be able to find the information you need right now by checking;

  • About the Website gives more information about the International Data & Economic Analysis and Economic Analysis and Data Services.
  • Analytical Products groups files into four sections, snapshots, country profiles, economic trend reports and analytical briefs.
  • Source List documents sources used on this project and can provide useful information like when the source was last updated.

Source List

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Below is a list of all publications and data currently used by the Economic Analysis and Data Services. Most data are available on this site. Data not available on-line may be obtained by contacting Economic Analysis and Data Services (EADS).