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Health System Benchmarking

The Health System Benchmarking Tool allows users to compare low, middle and upper middle income country health system functions, outcomes and impacts indicators. The feature of clustering creates comparable groups of countries sharing similar socio-economic and demographic characteristics. The tool comprises of 140 countries and more than 100 health systems indicators, country socio-economic and demographic contextual data. It focuses on three USAID Global Health priority initiatives by including relevant indicators on Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths (EPCMD), AIDS Free Generation (AFG), and Protecting Communities from Infectious Disease (PCID). The tool also provides an option to specifically benchmark EPCMD countries using health system outcomes and impact indicators.

The Health System Benchmarking Tool was conceptualized by the USAID Office of Health Systems. The Health Financing and Governance project developed the Excel software and is responsible for the data used in the tool from different international sources. EADS is hosting this tool for public use. Most of the data sources used in this tool are available through IDEA’s Query ( and are updated regularly. In the near future, EADS will be incorporating several features of this tool to our IDEA website.

Global Health Query

This feature is under construction, please check frequently for updates.

The Global Health Query Tool has been created with input from key data consumers across the offices in the USAID Global Health Bureau. The filter defines: (1) key indicators requested from technical experts; and (2) the recommended data source for each indicator. Because the EADS database is large, a search for a key indicator may show several values for a given year from several different sources, and these values may not agree. The differences can be attributed to differences in data collection methods, definitional nuances or utility. This filter allows users to align their analyses with the indicators and data sources used by specialists within USAID’s Global Health Bureau. The recommendations for key indicators and data sources were provided in 2016.

Query Tool